Hey guys! I'm Teah! I started STRESSED last spring. It’s my baby, my brainchild, my #1 distraction. In college, I studied anthropology and worked as a vintage and women's apparel buyer for Revival. I learned everything from a core group of super inspirational lady pals there who have been in the vintage game for a looong time. 

Biggest lesson: so much respect for vintage and handmade goods. Their quality, evocative nature, uniqueness and environmental benefits make them so much more superior to fast fashion and mass markets. For me, no greater feeling than scanning a rack or a pile for a quality piece and bringing it back to life. It started as a hobby, but the goal was always to focus only on this, the process I love most!

At this point, I should clarify, I'm not reeeeally all that stressed! But pulling out those special pieces and putting together collections is a killer creative outlet and sourcing is still my prime passion and my favorite way to pass the time. I'm stoked you're here, and I can't wait to share the next batch with you!

Thanks for shopping  S T R E S S E D !